Welcome to my cards page

First things first…

The menu to the left under “Available to Trade” will take you to the year of the card(s) you are looking for.

The search box under the menu will help you find specific players or sets but is a little more cumbersome in my opinion.  If your search finds a the player you are looking for, you will need to “Read more…” and either scroll to find it or use your browser’s find function.  In Internet Explorer, it’s under Edit – Find on this page (or ctrl-F).  Someday, I may get a better search function but for now I’m using what’s free.

From there, the cards will be sorted by year, brand, program, set, and number.  You will then see the player name, rookie designation, notes (such as condition), sequence, and quantity available.  For more details about the general condition of my cards, click on “General Condition” (coming soon).

I quit keeping track of what I have from before 2000 so you can ask for specifics on those.  I’ll eventually post what I do have recorded and I may even catch up on those someday.

2000-2010 are listed by year except where a year has its own menu option.

2011 and up are listed by set.  Happy searching.

Now let me tell you a little about how and why I collect.

I’m a set builder.  From what I’ve gathered, this is an almost outdated form of card collecting.  Correct me if I’m wrong about that because I would like to meet more set builders.  Right now, I’m enjoying choosing a set a year to complete.  This gives me cards to look for.  I enjoy being what some would call OCD about tracking and organizing what I have and need.  I’ll try to keep updating this site with what I’m looking for and what I have to trade.  So if you notice I have a bunch from a set that I didn’t specifically list as one I’m looking to complete, go ahead and offer ones I don’t have from that set.  I’ve also created a personal checklist of players based on the NFL Network’s Top 100.  So I do have a few specific players I look for as well.  This brings me to my next point.

What I think is a more common form of collecting is player-specific.  My son (another major reason I do this) really likes Drew Brees and Maurice Jones-Drew so I look for those in addition to the NFL Top 100.

My son and I got into collecting football cards through a process.  I guess it all started on his first birthday.  We put together a time capsule for him using whatever party guests brought for it.  A friend of mine brought a 1998 Upper Deck #1 Peyton Manning rookie card.  I thought it was a cool gift, put it in the time capsule and forgot about it.

Years later, a family friend gave him some baseball wax boxes from the ’90s and a box of ’89 Topps football commons.  He also received a Nolan Ryan signed baseball.  Another cool gift, put away and forgotten about.

More years later, he had become a real NFL fan and his uncle gave him the commons left over after going through a box of ’01 Upper Deck looking for something specific. He loved it.  This is when he learned he had more cards than that sitting in the attic.  We took it to the local card shop, opened some packs, one thing led to another, and here we are.


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